Various materials, setting, and files

Soooo… this is my dog Thorin (he came from the shire where they had tagged his ear)

The rescue I adopted him from has an annual fundraiser that is a golf tournament with a silent auction. Because last year was not able to happen, I decided to go all out in making stuff to donate this year for the silent auction. Here are the results, settings, and files for the design I did myself. I also list the source of items but a lot of them are either items I buy directly wholesale with Foxrun or when I sneak off to homegoods. For items I used and can provide a line for, I posted then under the item.

Settings were full speed and full power. These are slabs I bought directly from FoxRun but the white slab also is a great deal with places like

Wood fiber and slate
Settings for wood fiber are 700 speed and full power. The pizza peel is from

Slate is also from and settings were full power and full speed. I pre treat the slate with shellac and that is what makes it stand out so much

Acacia Wood
Settings for these was 800 speed and 65 power with LPI of 270

^^^ Ironwood brand (Foxrun) steak plate and server plates

^^^ Ironwood brand (Foxrun) wine appetizer plate

^^^ Acopa Marble and Acacia Wood 10 1/2" x 7 1/2" Serving / Charcuterie Board

^^^^ 20" lazy susan from homegoods. It does not fit in the glowforge unless you do the magnet hack.

^^^^ I picked up these from homegoods but they are a brand called MountainWoods and I absolutely love their stuff.

^^^^ Another item from homegoods but MountainWoods brand

^^^^ the cake holder was from homegoods. It was well over 2" but the base was able to be taken off to fit in the GF. The smaller board is from

Olive Wood
I did one item with olive wood and it is from
Settings were 500 speed and 55 power

Settings were 70 power and 800 speed. This board was also from homegoods

This is a really large acrylic serving board from and I inverted the design and used proofgrade acrylic settings for engraving and masked the tray.

And my sewing machine is stationed next to my GF and so here is what I was able to do while it all prints :slight_smile: :

And here are the files for the designs I made:

Self (181.4 KB)


As always, you outdo yourself!

Now lets paws for a second…



Wow, so many mediums! You are far more talented than I am!

Those are beautiful!


Overwhelmed and grateful!


@MyDogsThinkImCrazy you are a multitalented artist. love you work!


Wow, you really did go all out in making stuff! I hope it raised a lot of money for the rescue. I would have certainly bid on many of them.


The event is next weekend but a lot of people have already started bidding lol. I made them a few slate items for them to test out interest and have at one of their adoption events last weekend. They made over $300 off those. The wood fiber turned out to be a big hit for the treat board because the material is really strong and hard for the pup to damage.



All of your projects always look so awesome. I am sure the Rescue center is going to absolutely love them, and for you to donate them is such a blessing! I love the “Boiled Water Recipe!” That is too funny! And, of course, your dresses look simply fabulous!


These look amazing. I’m sure anyone who bids will be delighted!


You are so generous to donate all these items. I love your quirky sense of humor!


Its that time of year again!! Any fun suggestions on items golfers and dog lovers would bid on?

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