Vector Aircraft

As an aviation enthusiast, I sometimes want to incorporate schematics of various aircraft in my projects. Most schematics I find online are images and not vectors. Images can work fine, but taking the time to engrave something that is inherently vector based bugs me. Today I went searching for some vectors to use and found a few that I thought I’d share the links to…

I’m mostly an Inkscape user but found I needed to use Affinity Designer to convert these to SVG. From there, it wasn’t too hard to split each plane out and get them GF ready. Here is the first one I printed…

A little under 13 minutes to score the larger one isn’t bad – especially when compared to engraving!


Warthog? Looks great.

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Yep, good old A-10 Warthog. Here are the other vector aircraft found in the links above…


Nice finds, thanks for sharing!


I spy my fav - F14A. Thanks for the share! :sunglasses:


And I see the Phantom II (F-4) or which more than 5,000 were produced and flown by many nations. Phantoms Phorever :sunglasses::glowforge:


Here are a couple other good ones…


F/A-18E Superhornet

P-38 Lightning


A couple more projects…

PG Medium Clear Acrylic, LED Stand made previously with a Carvey

PG Medium Cherry Ply


curious if people have had issues with some of the planes on here. After converting from EPS to SVG a bunch of the modern planes (harrier, mirrage) have turned from strokes into a series of filled rectangles. Basically an auto convert stroke to path

Hmmm, after you commented I went back and inspected the planes I pulled out of the links above. I did find one that had the problem you describe. This one…

The others look fine to me.

weird, that one is actually fine for me lol

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Powered by twin J-79’s, the only engine I ever worked on with (7?) stages of variable stator vanes. Workhorse of Vietnam.

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Awesome! My brother is studying to be a pilot and these vectors will be perfect for future gifts.


I love the B-17

One of the games i play is ‘Target for Today’ and i will bling out my game with a laser cut or 3d printed model of it

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Hey Yaw

Thanks so much for the link and info. My friend and I used to fly the A-10 and he still does. So I thought to make him a birthday gift. He will be coming for dinner tomorrow so will give it to him then. One thing though… I may be nice to do this for him but I’m not STUPID! I’ll let him pick off all the backing paper… Laugh

Thanks again



Very nice! Love the text addition! I’ve been cutting mine with a little “Outset” to the outside edge, but yours looks good just cutting the edge – I’ll have to try that next time!


The plane of my dreams

These are awesome. My son is really into commercial aviation. Have you seen any resources for commercial aircraft?

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Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good source for commercial aircraft. I did find some interesting vector files here…

…for example…

…but it would take some work to get it ready for the GF. If I do find a good source I’ll post them here.