Vector fill conundrum


This has led to lots of angry button mashing on my part…


Someone (@rbtdanforth , I think) once turned me onto the object listing. It is useful for when you have really specific or difficult Z-order issues.

Go to Object->Objects…

It will list every object in your document and let you manually adjust the Z-order of things.

That being said I usually angrily mash page up/dn until I have what I want.


seems I’m living the mice type life! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.


in illustrator, you can open up a layer in the layers palette and see each object/group object and their layering order. you can hide/lock each one there individually, too. and you can view the contents of a group and their order inside there as well.

And if you want to make things more clear, you can not only rename layers, you can rename each individual group and object.


There are several mini windows that you can leave up all the time if you have a second screen. I have all those arranged on the second screen and it makes life a whole bunch easier. I do much of my selecting on that object list and you can right click and duplicate it or freeze it to make it disappear or lock it so it will not select or move etc. All this would be a problem if it was not visible at all times. Gimp also has such things that make it work better too.


totally this. with all of my adobe apps, i have a raft of palettes open in the second monitor. it’s a lot easier to keep the ones you use even semi-regularly open off to the side so you can quickly get to or check them.

i don’t know if it’s true for inkscape, but adobe allows you to create “workspaces” and save them. at a minimum in each app, i have a dual monitor workspace and a single monitor workspace (since i work on a laptop both at home and work).


You can create various default setups but I have not managed to make that work. Instead I have files named base-whatever.svg that I open and then rename before continuing.


that sounds a little different, more like templates. i have a GF template for Illustrator. it has a GF color palette loaded into it, set up at 20x12.

the workspaces are setups for what palettes are open and what their locations are across your monitor(s). adobe gives you a few sample ones, but i generally create a few of my own.


I guess that for laser stuff there is just one “workspace” so I have not explored that concept further.


Thanks Guys for all the help. The OBJECTS list and the layers tips are fantastic too. helped me figure out a way to do a couple things I’ve been wrestling with. Good news is my cool dragon will now be on my sons dice tower! (when I make it for christmas!)


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