Vector graphic line width. Can I remove one side of the line?


I have a vector file of a simple shape I want to cut out but because the line has thickness the GFUI wants to cut bot sides of the line. I’d like to remove the inner cut and just use the outer cut line. Can someone give me the best way to do that? Can it be done in the GFUI or do I have to modify the file somewhere else?

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More details are required before we can be much help. What software do you use? How complicated is the file? Including a screenshot or the actual svg would go a long way.


This is a file I purchased. Not using any software at the moment. I guess that’s at the heart of my question. Can I eliminate the inside cut in GFUI? I’m working on a chromebook with students in my class. I can’t put software on the chromebook so we rely on using premade files and using online resources.

You will have to edit the file in a vector software like Inkscape or Illustrator or Affinity Design. The two outlines are the same color so they will come in to the GFUI as one operation. Once you get it into the vector software you will probably have to release the compound path, then just delete whichever outline you don’t want. Check out the Glowforge Tips and Tricks category for training on those programs.


Inkscape is free, and this would take literally seconds using it.

That being said I’m sure there are other sources for Oregon outlines in svg format. You can probably find a cleaner source.

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Oooooh, here’s a new option: the online vector editor

I just tested it with a figure that consisted of an inner and outer compound path like the one you show, and it allowed me to select one of the paths and delete it. Give it a try!


One thing to consider when dealing with any downloaded file is the level of detail. This is really true with maps, because often they are drawn with a lot of fiddly details. When cutting a really detailed small scale line you’ll see a lot of overburn — the laser just “hangs out” in the same detailed area too long.

The file you provided is nice and simple, looks like it’ll work well. I’d keep an eye on that aspect if you go looking for another source.

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Just did it. Thank you for all the help!

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