Velcro One Wrap

An immediate forum search didn’t turn up anything on working with this, but it seems like a useful material to keep in the arsenal…

Velcro’s consumer site doesn’t directly list this, but it can be found at any JoAnn’s.
Unlike their sticky-backed tape, Velcro One-Wrap comes in a 1.5" width and features the nylon hooks on one side, soft fuzzy loops on the other.

Cuts reasonably OK with shears or a utility knife… but will it PEW?

On my Glowforge Pro, thread holes were set with

250 Speed
100 Power
1 Pass
0.055" Height

I just needed it to give me a sufficient clearance to pass a stitching needle through. From a previous project, it’s NOT FUN to push a needle through unprocessed Velcro nylon.

For the perimeter, I slowed it a bit

225 Speed
100 Power
1 Pass
0.055" Height

As the picture shows, it cut and cauterized most of that. The remaining perforations simply tears out like a paper towel or trims out with a razor. I might further drop the speed in future tries, but for a first time, didn’t want to over melt the edges.

Velcro One-Wrap comes in black or white.


I’ve never done the one wrap but I cut the self-adhesive stuff when I need a specific shape that I can’t cut with a hobby knife. .
So nice to be able to do little things like this at a moment’s notice.


Thanks, that will come in handy!


Going to bookmark this! I have also found the one-wrap in blue, but that’s been a while and I don’t remember where I bought it. I still have some.
I never would have thought of cutting it on a Glowforge - so much easier! There have been many times I’ve used my table to push the needle through, so hence, I have many indents on my table.
And this is why I love the forum so much - sharing of information. Thank you!


@CarterTG I utterly the narrow stuff at Home Depot all the time. Never knew there were wider versions. I’m guessing you use it for hat patches, maybe? Anyway, here is another source.


Yet another brilliant use for these amazing machines!

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Oh nice! As someone who replaces the straps on her hockey equipment every season or two the pain of pushing a needle through that stuff is well known. I’ll definitely remember this next time that needs to be done!

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What settings do you use when cutting the adhesive velcro?

One pass at 425/98 will be a good place to start for a kiss cut. Bump up the power or down in speed some to cut through the backing.