Velvet cutting settings

I was trying to find good settings for cutting velvet fabric and could not find any. The best I could find was velvet with adhesive or velvet engraving. Therefore, I decided to do some experimenting to find it out. The material used was royal blue Zelouf velvet, for reference; YMMV. I found that the best combination was material thickness 0.02 in, speed 300, power 40 (as of the date of posting, 04/28/2022); it cuts almost all the way through, and leaves a tiny amount of connection so that you can just peel out the bit you’re cutting. I found that this was the best compromise so that it is precise and clean and doable with your hands without being too cut out and therefore burned-looking and crispy. I hope this helps someone in the future.


Thanks for sharing your experiments. It’s always really helpful to know where to start even if you have to adjust for your project.


Very helpful, thanks very much!

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Thanks for sharing your experiments - this info will be useful!