Velvet pouches

So I have had this awesome machine now for just a month today and am slowly getting to know it.
I have a company that makes mods for pinball and one of the mods we do is custom shooter rods (see image), and to package them we ship them in velvet pouches that we use the GF and etch our logo in with (see second image)


I just love seeing the Glowfolks’ niche markets. Very cool.


Scary cool! :grinning:


Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

That’s very cool!off to find some random velvet pouches I must have somewhere in my craft stash…


That’s a great idea—they look wonderful!

If at some point in the future you want to make the velvet pouch faster and in bulk, here’s an alternative way to do it: use your Glowforge to cut a rubber stamp (in reverse) of your logo. Set the stamp face up and lay the velvet, slightly dampened, over the stamp with the top side of the velvet facing the stamp. Press the back side of the velvet with a hot iron. The velvet will retain the logo as an indented area. It’s a very attractive look. Plus, you can reuse the stamp many times.


Oh cool! both the pouch and the pinball shooter.


THIS. This is the power of this forum; the awesome and helpful people that have taught me so much. Well done @cynd11!


So cool, what settings did you use to engrave this velvet?

I set it at 225 dpi and power to 45. Problem was getting it to stay put. So what i did is, I cut cardboard and sprayed with spray adhesive. Stuck the bags on and then etched them. With the cardboard and bags in place I set the focus to 0.325 and thats all.


Moving to Beyond the Manual to comply with forum rules regarding settings for non-PG materials and keep the FNLs happy. :wink:

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All good. Thanks for the ups!

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So cool! Back when we were still waiting on our units, there was some speculation as to whether or not we’d be able to achieve a burned velvet effect. Nice to see that it works :slight_smile:

Somewhere, I have a pile of scarves that I bought to experiment on. Will have to dig around for those now!


Great idea to add your logo to the pouch. Very professional!

thank you so much for this information! I love it when people are willing to share settings and techniques!