Velvet Settings

I don’t have a finished design yet but I wanted to go ahead and post the settings I found to work great with this velvet incase anyone wants to use it for Christmas stockings:

Settings I loved were 7 power, full speed, and 270 LPI. I also used a fabric stabilizer and would recommend that.

This is for a cape I am making for my grandma for Christmas. As I was working on it I received word that my Mimi had passed. So I will return back to this design soon and I know it will be a great design (hopefully finish this week). All my grandparents always loved the things I made them. I never expected to go from 4 grandparents to 1 so fast.

So for the holiday season, don’t overlook the joys you can bring with just simply making a gift your self. It turns out that it means a lot :slight_smile: My Mimis favorite dress was one I made her.


Sorry about your grandmother. Life changes in an instant.


What’s that?


I’m so sorry you lost Mimi. It sounds like you have cherished memories of her.


I am so sorry you lost Mimi. It is so hard to lose those we love.

@evansd2 Stabilizer is used to support fabric. It can be cloth, paper, or other material. It comes in various weights and styles. Usually white, but many are black.


Majic. :slight_smile:

So I am making a cape the is reversible and one side will be the red velvet and the other is this:

Which feels way different then the velvet silkiness. So the stabilizer will help with strengthening the fabric so it can be strong like the other. It also is amazing to help when engraving. Unlike my suede, this fabric is not as strong.

I just finished this print on the scuba suede for my mom:

The strength of these fabrics is a world of difference. I don’t have to use any stabilizer or anything for the scuba suede.


Sorry to hear of your grandmother’s passing. My condolences to you and your family.


Thank you all. My Mimi had no interest in a day without my Pappy (who passed in august). I wish she would have been happy continuing with the rest of us but she loved my pappy a lot. I’m glad there is peace in it now.

I found a photo album with both their hand written notes and it was a summer with me and my cousins. I copied the photos and used the glowforge to replicate the handwriting on a leather photo album. Now all grandkids have a little piece.


i haven’t used fabric stabilizer before. would using something like medium tack masking on the wrong side work as well in a situation like this?-

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It depends if you plan to remove it or not. I use an iron on interface that does not wash away. So the polyester melts into the stabilizer interface. I would say masking could hold well as well if you don’t plan to wash it.

I did this store bought stocking without any interface because it’s not going to have to handle as much a jacket would:


I am sorry for the loss of your Mimi. May you find comfort knowing she had a full life with your Pappy. We must cherish every day that is granted beside our loved ones.


That velvet is gorgeous. I hope you can make something for yourself from it to remember your Mimi. Grandparents are priceless. I only have one set i can remember. My grandpa was THE BEST storyteller ever:-). We especially loved his panther and bear stories. My sisters and all our cousins were scared to death-loving every minute of it! I have tried to mimic that with my own grandkids. They always want stories:-)