Veneer and TPU phone case engraving thoughts

Looking for some help here. I bought a couple of phone cases hoping to engrave on them. But I know there are specific materials you should not engrave on for health or saftey reasons.

These cases have wood veneers on the back, which should be fine, but they are only .06mm thick. The plastic underneath is TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). So my fear is that while engraving it goes to far and starts into that, or that it is some weird mix across the board. Googling TPU gave me not a lot of results in this department. Anyone with any experience? Or know of a better phone case to be buying and engraving? Below is a link to the specific one.



These ones work great., I made this one from the free images on this site. WWW.EZBLANKS.COM


You sure it’s not .6mm (instead of .06). If yes, if you avoid a 3D engrave you should be fine using veneer settings.

If it’s .06 you should do a search here for paper settings and use those! That’s crazy thin

That looks like a snip from the Marvel sunstone/Aztec calendar someone here designed. :frowning: I wonder if he knows.

Yes, it was from here. on the free file section. I made it on a case for a new Note 10 I got.

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Is ezblanks using the same source or is that the original author?

That’s the trouble with stuff on the web today, if you haven’t drawn it yourself you can never be sure of the provenance. The ones in the free file section here let you use them for personal use but commercial use is prohibited. Wouldn’t want someone here paying for something from an outside site that’s available here.

I believe they’re saying that they got the file from here (the forums), but picked up the case from the other site. At least, that’s how I interpreted it.

Ah. The light dawns.

Thanks for clearing that up. I must be really really slow today.


Yes, thank you Ray. I got a plain case for my phone. That site sells unengraved cases. I got the image from here(free file section) and engraved it onto my case.


It probably is .6mm my bad.

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