Veneer Box Top

I found this box at a thrift store. I liked the shape even though it was beat up and had some logo I didn’t want. I engraved, then cut some ReStore (a construction thrift store) veneer to cover it up.

Box with veneer adhered.

Interior: it’s got a nice set of hinges, but the interior was made for knives. I don’t cook, so…

Measured & cut some scrap acrylic to separate the compartments. The inserts are glued in place. They’ll keep things from switching sides if the box goes upside down.

Don’t know what I’ll use it for. I just like rescuing things and upgrading them with laser additions.


I can see myself using something like that as a dice carrier/dice tray for D&D. I’m sure there are other more important uses but I’m half tempted to try and recreate it now! Can you post the dementions?


Cool upcycling project, you transformed this and good to see it get a second life!


Exterior is 13" x 5" x 1.75". Interior height with lid closed is 1.25" The compartments are differently sized, but the interior width is 4.25" Hinge knuckles are exterior; there are two small magnets that keep the box closed.

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I wouldn’t have passed that box up either! Nice find!

Love your veneer top!!! Beautifully done!

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Wow, way to recycle! Love that veneer pattern.

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That turned out beautiful. I love to be able to repurpose things!

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I love the rescue idea. I will have to keep an eye out for opportunities. Nice work!

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The pattern is from the Premium art through the GFUI. I enlarged the pattern, repeated & turned, then I used the x-y coordinates of center to line everything up. I placed the veneer freehand; the back is tacky but allowed re-positioning before full adhesion.

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That’s such a great idea! I love finding things like that in thrift stores, what an excellent way to repurpose them