Veneer cutting speed?


Can anyone give me a ball-park figure for cutting speed for a named wood veneer type (PG or other), on a basic, or better a Pro, given the current settings ?
Just want to get a rough idea what to expect when I get my Pro !

Are either of the current models, Basic and Pro, capable of running a continuous 50% work cycle ?
If not, what might be a reasonable figure, currently ?




Thanks for the info.


Sorry, I had some really nice ones, but once we went to silly units on the sliders, I don’t anymore…


Please move discussion of manual settings to the Beyond the Manual section - thanks!


What @soldiercoleman said. I’ve used that setting with no problems on up to 0.030 thick sandwich
of veneer, adhesive, and paper backing with a very clean cut and very little discoloration on unmasked walnut and khaya.


Thanks for that update.
khaya I’m not familiar with. Google tells me it’s a mahogany. Is it widely available in USA ?


Most hardwood suppliers have some in stock. It usually has a very orange color and can have some spectacular figure, some of the veneer I have is very curly. It has density similar to Philippine mahogany.