Veneer Engrave + Cut Settings


I’m looking to make bookmarks and need a thin material. Thought of using veneer. I’ve seen a few folks use it in projects, but I’m wondering about the settings for cutting and engraving on the GlowForge–how heavy it needs to be.

I’m looking to cut the bookmarks and also engrave a design/quote on them.



There are Proofgrade veneer settings. Start there.

In addition to veneer, you can get bookmark sized thin wood from various places. I got mine from Cards of Wood.

As this is not a problem for Support to address, I am going to move this post out of Problems and Support.





Thanks for your help! I wasn’t sure where my post fit, so thanks for moving that.


I’ve also had good experiences with Cards of Wood and then starting with the Proofgrade settings.


I’ve made a few bookmarks using veneer. I use the Proofgrade settings and it comes out great. If you want to engrave something I suggest a high quality score instead. The GF can cut very intricate designs in veneer, so the sky is the limit!


I have discovered that 1/32 Baltic Birch plywood is still 3 layers and so very strong. Even adding a layer of veneer can keep it from splitting without adding too much thickness. The Cards of Wood folk I think use paper or you can just color the birch.

What are your thoughts about manually increasing speed? I have a PRO model as well as I’m signed up for premium… 30 minutes to do 3 simple biz cards on a maple veneer. I have GOT to speed this puppy up. Either I’m doing something dumb (99% probability) or the snapmaker 2.0 is wayyyyy faster. Any advice is appreciated!

What is slowing you down is the engrave time, I suspect. Without seeing what your business cards look like or how you have them organized on the interface it is not possible to give a good answer.

In general, to speed engraving, you can reduce lpi, orient horizontally rather than vertically and for some items use a defocused engrave.


Defocused score I think. It can replace engraves for thick “lines”.


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