Veneer on Mini Flasks

Was going to etch these but couldn’t bring ourselves to pay for the cermark. Had a go at the mustard etching, but decided it would take too long. In the end because they were representing the Chinese signs of wood goat, metal dragon and water snake. I went for the walnut veneer. Had to simplify the designs hugely for this size as they just burnt out and were almost impossible to get the sticky off the back. I did the snake design from scratch and the other two are stock stencils. Pretty happy with how they turned out being matching but representing each sign.


Love the tiger!

Agree! They all turned out cute though! :grinning:

Nice work! great combination.

Those look GREAT!

I think they are much better than what you would have gotten with Cermark.


Love the tiger. (As a water tiger myself…:sunglasses:)

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Great work! I totally forgot how miserable it was to get the backing off…I wrapped my hydro flask a while back and have had a lot of interest, but I’m not sure if it’s worth making these with how much work it was to get that back layer off! :sweat_smile:

Anyway, seriously cool!