Vent attachment ring thing

So I’ve seen some videos and pictures of people’s hose vents that seem to go to a white plastic ring that the end of the hose has an attachment that will go in and twist to lock in place. I have been unable to find this anywhere. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? If so, can you help a brother out and send me some links?


Something like this?

dryer quick connect vent kit

Similar to that. What I’ve seen seemed to have a larger flange that the hose would twist and lock into

This is one that I’ve used:


This is also the one I’ve used. If you grab a high temp gasket like this one and glue it on the inside of the openings at either end, it both gives a better seal and it pretty much pressure fits onto the back of the glow forge (I still needed to tape it on, though, to make sure it holds).


The end pictured goes on the back of the GF. The other end attaches to an inline booster fan that is then blowing out a window. Note that if you do use a booster fan, make sure the housing is sealed. Mine wasn’t, but a bit of duct tape fixed that.


I found one much easier and cheaper and comes with great Bloody Mary mix

cutting out the middle of the smaller bottle of V-8 the ribs are very tight but quick off and on.


We use this guy. Bought it at menards. I attached it to a piece of plexiglass in the window. it works pretty well.


That’s it! Thank you!

I went with the magnetic for an exit hole. Works great without any additional seal and very easy to pop off when cleaning.
Top picture is the exit with the hose removed and a plug in it’s place.

Magnet works well for me, since I have to move the machine away from the wall a little to access that clamp on the back of the GF.


That’s pretty awesome, I like the magnet idea

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