Vent dimensions

Hi, can we have the dimensions of the Vent & hose please? I want to design shroud and Window attachment.


4" vent. Left side.


Standard dryer hose.

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Thanks. I understand by Standard you would mean the US standard 4 inch?

Things can get complicated using terms like Standard when we have the good old Metric versus Imperial, “My standard is better than your standard” stuff that can get messy. :slightly_smiling:


4" (Imperial) = 101.6mm (Metric)


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I regret being taught the Imperial system. it reminds me of the cubit.
The earliest counting devices were fingers (serendipitously, base 10)…
I mean, thousands of years ago, the inventor of the abacus tripped over base 10 as best.
Let’snot not worry about logic, tis the length of the king’s arm that matters!

That’s because an abacus never had someone’s head cut off for insulting it.


Make sure you use the metallic type of vent hose as opposed to the plastic type…the fumes can actualy corrode the plastic and clog the airway.

I have two lasers and use an industrial blower to pull the fumes to the outside if its more than 6 ft from the open air. Also…dont use more than 2 90° elbows as this significantly slows airflow.

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What are you referring to when you say “shroud”? I’m curious as to what you are designing. Shroud around back of GF, like a window air conditioner has a frame/shroud around it? At the window? Couplers?

I was also brave, or crazy enough to pre-order the desktop CNC machine called Carvey.
I’m working on idea’s to house both in an enclosed shroud and vent both out the window. So strong enough extra ventilation for wood and other particulate matter

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Here is my bench I am really proud of! I’m a one-armed guy so getting my groove on with tools is super satisfaction


Hey @robbie sweet bench. I was looking at your build and noticed something for next time to save you time and money. I would skip the tung oil (except for small projects) and go for a polyurethane finish. Was cheaper and the finish is harder which will make it more durable. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks Mark. I should edit the post actually, it was a Tung Oil blend with Poly.
Boy it’s stinky stuff and seemed to be one of the most expensive finish options at the hardware store.

Does anyone know if the GF will be able to open one of those external vents?

The blades on it are super light. I wasn’t sure if it needs to be an opening just straight to the outside or not.

Yes, if you use the supplied hose. Longer than eight feet and you’ll need a booster fan.

Awesome, thank you…it’s going about 2 feet actually, so everything is good!

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Yes, that’s the one I use.