Vent Tube Holder

One of the first projects I made in the Glowforge is some guides for the vent tube. These are tight enough to press-fit with no gluing needed. I did need a pretty long screwdriver to reach the holes in the base though! Please post here if you improve on my design!




The SVG file is very small under the second picture above.


Oh very nice! (You should link that to the Practical Applications thread as well.) :grinning:


Thanks for sharing I have a immediate use for this.


Hey! I never thought of something like this. I have some bungee cords that I have to keep the hose tight to the back of the Glowforge along the run. This will work much better. Great job!


Can I suggest a key hole in the backing piece, so that it could be a removable/repositionable non-fixture ?



Great idea! I might make some of those.


Not a bad idea John.

Do these guide the hose along the floor or the wall?

What program did you use?

What was your workflow / thought process? Very creative! Nice work.

I made something similar but with an open top so that the hose can be taken out for pass through operations. I like the base on yours for mounting to the wall, as mine relies on the window frame.


Very practical. Love the iterations posted on this thread, too.

I have them mounted on the wall, but they could just as easily mount to the ceiling or floor.

I designed them in Affinity Designer and my workflow was mostly trial and error. :smile:

I thought at first I would need a couple more pieces to keep the structure rigid, but they fit together so tightly that nothing else was required.

I am curious about the hose hooking up to your machine. What type of system are you using there?

Sorry, didn’t see this before. It’s a dust collection port from Rockler.

I got the idea here on the forum. There’s an elbow that goes directly on the back of the GF.

Then a quick disconnect for easy connection/removal of the hose.


I taped up the sliding piece on the quick disconnect- works very well.


Yep. I’m using the elbow myself. The end that goes over the GF port is slightly flexible so it conforms to the size very well.

The set you showed includes the straight version of the connector. You can also get those separately (well, they come 2 in a package) without the quick disconnect thingy. Then you can let your hose do its drapey thing if you want. With a Pro, I will be switching the elbow out and putting the straight one on so the hose moves with less bends/kinks/restrictions when I pull the cart from the wall to use the rear pass-thru.

You can get them from Rockler or from Amazon as well.

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