Venting my glowforge pro

Just got my glowforge pro. Has anyone vented their machine through the floor? I have a crawl space under my house and was thinking about venting through the floor instead of the window? It would vent right next to the exterior wall. My house is also brick.

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I don’t think I would run it anywhere I could not see it, I worry about it being a possible fire hazard after the hose has had some time to get dirty. Other than that, as long as it ends outside and you are able to service it from time to time there should be no issue.


Agree with primal healer. I’ll also say that venting into your crawl space will probably make your whole house smell. Definitely get through that exterior wall somehow.


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and if your crawl space is used like ours by HVAC, that could be where your fresh air comes from for forced air heat. so it would literally get sucked back into the house.


I initially considered this as an option because my crawlspace is ventilated by a powerful commercial grade fan for radon mitigation.

We ended up replacing our furnace with a high efficiency unit that vacated the original flue to the roof, so that route was the best choice between the two.

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