Venting on European Window

Hi Everyone,

I just got my Glowforge today and underestimated how short the hose was. I live in Europe and have a European Tilt/Open door where my Glowforge is. At the moment I have the Glowforge sitting on a table with the host just going out the door but it does not go far enough and I feel that some of the fumes are coming back in.

I was just about to add a 16ft hose to the Glowforge to get it further away from the door but read that the internal fan is not long enough, is that right?

I have also ordered a AC infinity Cloudline S4 along with a new 8ft and 25ft hose but that wont get here for another 4 weeks and I want to start using it.

Any ideas on how I could solve this other than getting a really long hose that goes across the deck and over the balcony.

Thank you!

Seal up the rest of the window so the smoke can’t blow back in, and you don’t need your hose to extend past the window.

This is what that looks like for me with a window that slides open.

They make kits for venting portable air conditioners out tilt windows that may accomplish the same for you. Like this:

If you own the home and are able to make changes, you can also put a dryer vent in the wall under the window instead. Like you would to vent the hot air from a clothes dryer.

If it’s not too late, cancel the order for that Cloudline S4. You want to get closer to the window, not further away, and the S4 isn’t strong enough to replace the internal fan so you’ll have no use for it if the run isn’t 15+ feet long.