Venting smoke and the neighbors

There has been a great deal said about issues with neighbors that are upset that they can smell the fumes from your glowforge. There was recently a vlog by an attorney that dealt with a very similar situation, and he outlines the fact needed and the defenses available in general for this sort of complaint…


That guitar case occurred here one afternoon. A friend was playing with a reverse reverb and him and 3 others came over. We set up on the back porch and got to drinking beer and trying to make it seem like a good idea. During the afternoon was no problem but we got near dinner time and were quite drunk to the point we were just making noise.
I went into the house to get some more beers and noticed a shadow by the front porch. When I opened the door, a policeman was there and his mouth was moving, but the guys were making such a racket I could not hear him.
I gave him the universal Hold One hand sign and shot to the back porch and got them to stop. He was pretty good about it when I told him that we were done for the day. Apparently, one of the neighbors back across the other way had come home for dinner and our racket was upsetting them. If there was still a music theme going, it may have been different, but like the case the video discussed, we were way past making something worth listening to.


Everyone in my neighborhood has a fireplace in their house. I’ve been concerned about the Glowforge smoke, so I take care that it’s directed away from my neighbors since a neighbor made a comment once about the smell…But at the same time, when everyone’s fireplace is lit, it’s way worse than any smell from the GF. I had to call a neighbor recently just to make sure her house wasn’t on fire, I was super worried. :rofl: :rofl:


We have a wood fired pizza place that’s near enough when the wind blows right it fills our yards with smoke. Good cover. :laughing:


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