Venting/Tracking down leaks (continued)

I bought a commercial one, and it did not fit; it was way too loose. I can’t find the link to the one I bought at the moment.

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Thank you. I don’t do 3D printing at the moment, but I am going to bookmark this for possible future use. And I am sure others here will get some use out of it.

Man, I should leverage this position a bit and help some folks out. Though 3D hubs gives a PLA quote of $16.00 for my flange, then there is shipping.


So I measured the commercial 4" ABS adapter and the ID of the large end is 3.95" and the OD of the small end is 4". (The OD of the large end is 4.125"). So looks like the GF exhaust flange on my PRU is not 4" but something fairly substantially smaller. Works with the clamp holding the hose on but might also be another part of the odor leakage.


Well, my improved exhaust hose and clamps are working great. I only smell anything at the end of the job when the fans cut off (come on GF, how frigging hard is it to update the code to leave the fans on longer?).

The problem was apparently leaks around the window vent - solved with some weatherstripping and copious amounts of foil tape.


Yay! It’s such a better experience when you’re not breathing the fumes :slight_smile:

Now, off you go to laser everything!


Thanks @jamesdhatch, @jbpa for suggesting and finding @marmak3261 flange - and many thanks for @marmak3261 for designing its awesomeness and giving away the STL!

I had a friend print me a copy
Image uploaded from iOS (2)

I think it really did help with the seal on the GF side a lot - great fit - tight, but not breaking anything.

I still don’t have my venting issue completely resolved, but I do seem to be getting closer


I use this to attach the hose to my GF. The rubber boot makes a tight seal on the short flange of the machine.


That looks like a nice one…I like the rubber fitting, that should seal really well.

I have a bunch of these in my garage and I never thought to try it. Time to go experiment.

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Very awesome @ericlew44 !

If the 3d print from @marmak3261 design doesn’t do it for me I’ll try that next.

@jbpa I’d love to hear back on how it works for you (and ideally grab some pictures!).

I’m a lot closer to feeling like my venting is working, but still seems like I missing something (might be tape issues - I have @chris1 's recommend tape on order, at the moment I’m using gaff - and air-tightness isn’t exactly its intended use-case)

Here you go. It fits perfectly and seems much more secure than just having the duct on the GF. With this on, I have a higher quality duct that I want to try when I have a few minutes to spare.


Oh, that is very cool @jbpa !

Was it a fight to get the clamp up far enough on the elbow that it would cinch down on the GF ring? (The product picture almost makes it looks like there is a grove right at the edge for it)

There is a grove in the elbow to fit the clamp so it fits right on the vent from the GF. It took all of 30 seconds to install.

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Ah! and looking back at the product website, it looks like their are multiple shapes of these things - the one most relevant to anyone else who wants the 3d coupler from @marmak3261, but that don’t have a 3d printer may be:


I have one of these as well. It would also work, but I happen to like the elbow.

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I didn’t realize that dust collection fittings fit. Thanx, this is exactly what I need to keep from restricting my flow if it gets pushed up against the wall.

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The connection is rock solid as opposed to the spring clamp with foil hose. Also upgrading to smoother dust collection hose helps cut down on soot build-up you get with cheap flexible dryer hoses.

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Y’all probably saw this already, but just in case, you’ll want to make sure to go easy on the hose clamps:

I wish the Glowforge case wasn’t just a smooth tube for the hose clamp, that it actually had tabs on it for a bayonet coupler, like this… and the tabs would also let a clamp hold on without sliding off when used


Maybe what I’ll do is drill some holes on the Glowforge exhaust port and put 2 or 3 screws in to convert mine, maybe 3D print a short adapter.