Vernier Scale anyone?

So, I’m cutting some aluminum parts on my Openbuilds-based CNC–to customize the machine further. The parts are coming out pretty well, but slightly out of tolerance for what I’m looking to achieve.

What is someone with a Glowforge to do to help make the machine as accurate as a hobby-grade router-based CNC might be: create a vernier ruler that can be used to measure accuracy of the distances on the machine.

Granted, the scale has to be read with a magnifying glass to be useable, but this seems to be helping quite a bit.


Hope it works well for you!

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I’m not sure I could read it either, but it looks impressive! :smile::+1:


Neat idea!


It works well, except that I realized after the fact that I have two 50 marks on the scale, so I keep having to adjust it in my head as I test.

Well, it doesn’t help that as I’ve gotten older, I am farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other. It gets a little dizzying trying to read a scale that small. :slight_smile:


Cool idea, and nicely implemented!


Nice. Do you have your build posted on Openbuilds? I got the CNC fever and though my MPCNC is keeping me busy, I am already thinking about the upgrade.

I haven’t tried aluminum yet, but it’s going to happen sometime.

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Cool, you have built-in bifocals! :wink:

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I don’t have my current build posted yet. Since I’ve been designing it on the fly, and I’m not finished yet, I just started creating a F360 model for it.