Very 1st projects. Yipeeee!


I am over the moon with excitement as my GF arrived yesterday. Stayed up 'til 4 am tinkering and playing with ‘Tom Servo’ and it’s all I’d hoped it would be. I know it’s tough to be waiting for your own GF and see what the lucky folks with one are doing, but hang in there guys, you won’t be disappointed!

Here are my very first two projects and I think they are pretty cool considering I’ve never touched a laser in my life. The first is a combo of a cut, score and engrave on PF walnut. The second is a greyscale JPG engrave on PF maple. Getting the tape smutz off this one was a challenge so I just took a brush to it. Think I got it all.

What was your 1st GF Cut?

Wow, those are both really nice.


Beautiful! (Love those hounds!) :grinning:


Double like! I love the shading!


Oh my gosh, your work, especially the second one, is breathtaking! Hard to believe it’s your first.


I didn’t realize it was a type of dog - I thought it was a unicorn :smile:


Unicorn, Ibizan Hound, almost the same thing lol.


Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of lasers! Great jump into the deep end of fun. So happy for you. thanks for sticking it out. Hope everything else goes swimmingly!


Man, if that’s where you start, I can’t wait to see what you’re making once you’re swimming in the deep end :grinning:


Thanks for all the love guys. :heart:


Super-cool! So glad you got your unit and were able to jump right in!
I should really try out some :proofgrade: walnut. Looks great!


Nice job!


Dang! Those engraves just looks smashing!


Wow, that is beautiful!!


Fantastic! I assume you had some graphic files just ready and waiting to be laser cut? What format were they? I like the sharp detail in your images. I want to be ready, too. I’m working with Gimp and Inkscape, but often I lose a lot of detail when I convert to vector. I haven’t yet read up on the nuts and bolts of designing for the GF so maybe i just need to do my homework, but any pointers you can offer would be appreciated.


Hi Kittski - very exciting. When did you order your unit? I’m trying to figure out how much longer it might be before I get mine.


There is a community maintained spreadsheet with order dates and delivery status here:

While it is not an exact idea of where GF is with shipping, it can at least give you a ballpark.


Thank you so much Scott. This is really helpful. As I’m sure others are, I’m confused why some people further down the list have received theirs before others who ordered earlier. We’ve all been waiting so long, I almost forgot what I’ve ordered!

Thanks again.



Did you get a delivery notice or did it just show up at your door?