Very cool huge concrete structures that can be moved by hand

That’s pretty clever. Very interesting.


It’s like rolling a heavy barrel on its rim. Cubed.


I understand that if you mix in powdered aluminum with the concrete it can foam up nicely. This is an old game in Europe that they make huge foam blocks and then heat them to hard set the concrete at which time they get cut up into building blocks with a regular saw and holes with a drill, and you can put a torch on them and they will melt before spalling.
I don’t know if those were foam concrete but they looked it by weight and surface.

I met them when they gave a presentation at an architecture firm I was working at and had so many ideas and hopes. The three biggest firms in Europe came over and all three are gone now such is the ease of new thoughts accepted.

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I’m pretty sure I would crush my feet if I tried to move any of those :slight_smile:

It is a very cool design.

Ytong Foam Concrete would float but still be 50ish pounds a cu-ft

Definitely looks foamy but unevenly so and perhaps hollow.

They spell it out:

mass : 5,970kg

13,000 pounds. That’s plenty heavy to make this pretty impressive.


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