Very interesting new material: metallic cardstock

Soooooo - better late than never…thought I’d share a little strawberry place card project…two layers, hot pink glitter cardstock with a white metallic card stock layered on top - it was a practice run and needs more interest … but cute nonetheless IMG_7288|420x500


Can you cut more than one at a time? I’ve been asked to do invitations and one at a time is taking quite a lot of time

Cutting multiple stacked sheets at once generally does not work out well. Also, note that it can create optimal conditions for fires. If you try it, watching it closely and continuously without fail is recommended.

I do cut multiple cards at a time side-by-side. Some of the stuff I do will fit as many as 8-up per cut job. Depending on the specifics of your design, that might be an option.


Thank you so much

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Great tip. I have been struggling with residue on the pretty side and this might be the trick to end that. Will try shortly.