Very interesting new material: metallic cardstock

So I made that mask (see MOAG) and part of it used gold cardstock.

You can see the product page here, though i am not sure it’s available anymore:

What’s interesting about it is that it just can’t cut all the way through. The metallic layer appears to be actual metal foil. This led to an interesting method:

Cut from the back, (350/50/1x) and you get perfect score lines. You can then punch it out, it peels out almost like you’re opening a really easy pull-top can. The end result is a perfect piece, no scorching, no char.

You can see the scores from the front side.

You pop it out and voila.

There are other lighter scores and engraves on the back so help with assembling the mask. (1000/10/225lpi/1x engrave, 350/4/1x fold scores)

If you can find it, this stuff is great.


it does look like there are still a bunch of options on amazon.

two of them are only around $5/pack shipped prime.


I’m not sure any of them are the metallic type though. I can only vouch for this one option. Caveat Emptor!

fair point. i didn’t quite catch that. also carries some metalic finishes.


I wonder if they use real foil like these guys did?

I tried to cut it with similar settings to 1/8" hardwood, and it didn’t go through. That’s definitely metal, probably aluminum?


I got some metal finish sheets like what you used and it was terrible to cut through. They do have like a flake metalic finish that’s both printable and cuts easily.


In this case, I will say that it was exactly this imperviousness that made it so great. The pieces were perfect with zero defects.

That flake stuff looks great though.


Interesting. I cut some cardstock that had “Pearl foil” and had NO issues at all. I’m going to have to find some of this to give a try.

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I’ve run into the same thing with this stuff that came from a local paper wholesaler a couple years ago. A search on “foil cover stock” will likely turn up similar stuff.


I posted a few months ago a credit card I made with a version of metallic card stock–really happy with the results, though it was not the smooth foil finish

Pending the base stock color vs. the metallic finish, it can produce really great looking results!


I can give you all resources for cardstocks like this in bulk, if you are interested. I use stocks like this all day, everyday. I will test cut one of my metallics tomorrow and see how it goes


Like you think we wouldn’t be interested??? :wink:


What @geek2nurse said! We love sources!


I think jodi, had a head bump. ONLY explanation. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


OH my goodness peeps - I’m super sorry about that!
I live and work in a very busy shop - my glowforge is an extra-curricular toy for me at the moment -so I tend to drift off this board until get back tp playing with it. LOL

Here is one supplier that anyone can buy from:

Again - soooo sorry for my lack of attention!


no worries we are just glad you got over your head bump with no lasting damage.

I look forward to having time to 'forge with BEAMER myself. not enough hours in the day.

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What settings were used??

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I thought that would be easy to answer, but I can’t find my note book right now! But I can tell you I first used the “thin leather” setting, and it wasn’t too much different from what I used for the wood card stock, which I could find: 1000 speed & 20 power for etching and 450/60 for cutting. I think I may have used 40 power for the metallic card stock etching–but it did vary slightly between the colors I used to expose the core fully. I recommend erring on side of starting low and work your way up on the power until you get the look you want, since what you need could vary by brand and the weight/thickness of the stock, of course.

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Found the notebook! For the metallic, it was the same as the wood card stock: 1000/20 was noted as the best for engrave (on my first batch) & 450/60 for cut.