Very nice pattern source on Etsy


I had to give ArtHouseUA on Etsy a plug – he’s got some really nice patterns very reasonably priced. This is the bottom part of a box from a pattern I got from him for $5. It fits together perfectly; I’m not even going to bother gluing it. The top will be my husband’s AF logo; it’s in clamps being glued to the piece that will keep it from sliding off the top of the box, so I can’t show it you you right now. :wink:

EDIT: Here it is with the top:


Very nice! :grinning:




Nice find. Most days I want to design my own stuff but there are days and situations where it is nice to have a resource like this.


I’ve bought a couple of patterns from him when pressed for time. :+1:


Wow! That’s cool!


Thanks for the pointer! This is a cool box design!


Also made one with PG Walnut and PG Red Acrylic…