Very specific support : Paint bottle support

Very nice! Thank you for sharing your file. We all need a little more organization.

Fantastic idea. I was just looking the design over and noticed I didn’t see the part for the back. I was going to make a couple for my studio since I use these paints but wasn’t sure if I missed it.


It’s suppose to be lower in the SVG file

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It’s there, along with the shorter lower angled support.

Okay, did find it. Not sure why it didn’t show up the way I normally view items here, usually don’t have any issues.

Thanks again.

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Fantastic, practical project. Practical projects are my favorite! So cool of you to share with everyone.

I feel dumb but I am not certain where to click to download this specific file?

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If you are on a PC right click on the drawing at the bottom of the OP and chose “save image as”.
Don’t feel bad, this forum sw takes some getting used to. Welcome.

What about mac

Got it!


Good on you as I was about to say no idea.



Very nice reprint. Was it easy to use / any edit needed?

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I measured the bottles with the calipers and it seemed like there would be wiggle room, but final print is quite snug for this paint. I love the design! Thank you again for sharing!!!

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It was made out of?

And ya, I didn’t give myself a lot of tolerance (essentially only the kerf + the fact the bottle is flexible plastic) I should add some maybe.

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great idea!! thanks for sharing a very useful project!


i love this file. Thank you so very much.

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Ok. Thanks everyone. Now I don’t understand. Why this file? Among everyone I shared, this one resonated. Why? I am honestly curious.


Because it is awesome and super useful


I would say a good portion of us have these items and need to organize them!