Very specific support : Paint bottle support

I made a paint support specifically for the DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint

The files could be extended. Used 1-1/2 sheet of 3 mm birch plywood.
Support à peinture


Nice share. Looks like it might serve nicely as a spice rack as well. :slight_smile:


Thank you!

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Maybe, but personally I prefer my spice rack design :wink: that one was at an angle for space saving and being able to see the top of the bottle (so the colour)


Like the angled design idea - thanks for sharing!

Great design! I love practical cuts!

Thanks for sharing such a useful file.

I like that! (Need to make about 12 of them - or clean out some old paint.) :grinning: :+1:


That’s nice but it’s missing the pegboard clips. (those that know me get that joke)

No, it is very nice. Something I may well lift and modify myself.



Wonderful design! I dig it

I need something in which to store the collection of amazing projects that I haven’t gotten around to making. This is another great one!

Thank you for sharing. Looks useful!

Worth a peek at some even without the shelf.
I just tossed a lot of old glue. It was getting iffy but I was being stubborn because so much was left.
It was very old and definitely past it’s use by date.
Some glue seems to not age, but the CA stuff for sure does.
That is always going to be a problem when you buy bulky sizes. Hard to use it all up before it gets aged.


Yeah, I found that out to my chagrin a few months back on the CA glue…even if the bottles are unopened, they die. (As in won’t stick and make you look like a fool when you insist that they don’t work without roughing up the finish first.) :smile:

Buy fresh, buy small.


I personally use this

Best yet, absolutely no issue yet except a bit costly for the volume


Boy howdy…I hear you on this! I just threw out a quite full tube because it was no longer good. I hate doing stuff like that. I went onto Amazon and bought two more…but, this time in much smaller sizes so hopefully they will get used up before they go bad.


I have a folder of downloaded ideas and files, roughly organized between artsy and tool like.

Thank you for sharing

Thanks for the share!

Oh i’m going to need to make something like this! Have a couple shelves for paint, couple for alcohol inks! Very nice!

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