Vetric Vcarve/Aspire - Glowforge post processor

I’ve grown up in the world of CNC and purchased my Glowforge over a year ago.

What I’ve learned is there is a benefit to having both types of tools. Much like having options for design like Corel, Inkscape, and AI.

Aspire has been my go to package for CNC Routing. Much of the CNC community uses this or Vcarve by Vertic.

It would be awesome to see Glowforge create a post processor for Aspire/VCarve. It would be able to have advanced tool path options available that I could use as part of my CAM process.

Just a thought of a potentially beneficial partnership.

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Okay, we kinda have that now.

Save Different functions to layers and color code them. Then export the svg.

Works pretty well.


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