Vice Clamp


I am not exactly sure of the sizes on the larger ones.


What are we looking at?

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Some little wood clamps to hold while gluing? Very nice.

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Appreciate it!

This is a blank post on my end


please repost its not a good photo

it looks like your SVG file is not completely on the page and is cut off. that’s why it looks so small and up in the corner.

It’s not a photo, it’s the SVG design file, and contains three identical copies of a clip. Download it and upload to the UI, if you have use for it.


here’s the same file with the clamps all the way on the pasteboard and with a smaller pasteboard so they’re easier to see.


thanks looks better now. how have you used these as clamps?

This sort of clamp is for glueing sheets face to face.

For what? I don’t understand what they are for.

its for holding two pieces of wood as I glue them together


I am bad at keeping my pieces straight while gluing even when using metal clamps. I can definitely use these. Thanks!

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