Victorian Birdhouse

image It’s been a while since I posted a new design and just thought I’d catch up and post one of my favorite designs from this past summer. This simple but elegant bird house boasts a Victorian style with what I like to call “The Pergola Cut” which is a special arc design my dad perfected and I fell in love with. For this birdhouse I recommend ordering red cedar boards from the The Wood & Shop Inc. I was able to custom order boards @ 1/4” x 5.5” x 20” to fit the glowforge bed perfectly and the quality of the boards makes the house absolutely gorgeous. Check out my blog here: Victorian Birdhouse - Advanced 3D Creations and get the design files here: Victorian Birdhouse - Design Files

Hope you enjoy!


Wonderful design and execution along with the writeup! Thanks!

I love it! I just started using cedar from Home Depot and love the smell!

Awesome design! I think it needs some Füssen style building art scored into it :slight_smile:


Very nice birdhouse, and I bet the cedar smells great in the Glowforge.

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Wow, I love your birdhouse! If I were you I’d include a photo of it in your posting; not everyone will click forward to see the details.


Yeah, I usually don’t click on links without something to tell me I actually want to, but today I had extra time, so I went and looked.


Very nice birdhouse. Like the style.