Video Games and Lasers

I’m very much into video games as a whole, every aspect of it. I have been my whole life. I’m also a very hands on kind of person, the kind that builds stuff. (Like you guys!) Combine those two aspects and you can get some beautiful things. One company I’ve been following for a few years now is rosecoloredgaming, they specialize in custom handhelds and gaming devices. Though things changed dramatically when they got a laser cutter…

I started following them even more actively after all these wonderful creations. It feels like every day they make something new with lasers. Honestly, this is the reason I picked up a glowforge, I already have my own ideas sketched out and would love to even do some of these!

Their latest project is this one, a custom SNES shell that seems super simple to make. If you want to see more or even videos I suggest checking out their [instagram].(

So what do you guys think? Anyone else plan on doing stuff like this?


Chuckle! My idea of gaming is Scrabble, but that’s some beautiful work, for sure. :relaxed:


Engraving on the backside of scrabble tiles for jewelry is one of my planned projects! :grinning:


Those are awesome…my kids and hubby are all gamers…those custom cases and cartridge holders are really cool…never thought about taking controllers and making new housings for them…

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Ive long had an idea in my head about nintendo cartridges. I recently got an analogue NT and am collecting a lot of old nintendo games, but thought it would be cool to have custom cartridges. When they initially decided on the cartridge format they were going for something akin to the VCR, where you had a physical object that was large and easily understandable, however they never really ended up filling up the inside of the nintendo cartridge. Most of them are about 25% full.

So I would really like to make some low profile cartridges. I hadnt put a lot of thought into materials, but now that Ive seen your post its kind of inspired me to make some out of different materials. Im pretty excited now! Thanks for posting this!


Yes! Analogue nt is awesome! I just got mine a few weeks ago and am loving it.

Low profile carts would be awesome (thanks for that idea!) but if you scroll above rgc did something else with the wasted space. The earthbound cart got a light up acrylic earth embedded in the center with empty space around it. Though you can hardly see that part above.


yeah that is killer! Ive seen a few other cartridges on twitter recently, reposted by analogue NT. I think their consoles have inspired a lot of people to start doing aesthetic mods, and im loving em. That earthbound cartridge is killer! Now that makes me wonder if theres a way to tap power from the cart slot to grab either 5v or 12v power to push some LED or even a small logic board… oh man… I cant wait to mess around with this…


Awesome share! Pokemon display stands will have to be one of my first projects along with some of those other display options. We have an entire 5X5 or 6X6 Ikea bookcase filled to the brim with old games and consoles we couldn’t bear to part with but wanted to display. So many end up sitting flat and hard to see. Such a perfect solution!


Oh. My. God.

I have a couple connections to a retro game store, that would love this. I could seriously see myself dabbling into this field as well.


A custom Scrabble board is one of the projects I have in mind for my mother and all her sisters. Scrabble freaks heh. Custom wood tiles too.


I’d love to have one too, but I can’t get anyone to play with me. :sweat:


Is the Analog Nt going in and out of production? I want to play my old NES games again, but the couple times I’ve looked at that site they’ve been sold out.

A custom set of Scrabble tiles and board would be sweet too!


Words with Friends?

Naw, no spats…everybody’s just too busy trying to make a living these days. (sigh.) :disappointed:

Can you make a 4 sided cartridge? Edgecard from 4 different ones out the four sides… Or would that interfere wih insertion?


I don’t bookmark things often,

But when I do, they’re epic!


It would be possible, but the cartridge would be plus shaped instead of square shaped. The circuit board itself wouldn’t be good to overlap. Top and bottom carts would be novel, like say, combining a game and its sequal. If anyone had old carts and want to put me to the test of making a nifty new shell, i’m “game” if you are! (Hyuk)


I bet it wouldn’t be too hard to build a switch into a cart to have one interface and multiple titles.

what about a gear design? Actually more like a paddle wheel with multiple cartridges ( picture the back of the cartridge attached to the axel). Not sure if this is defeating the storage or minimalist idea , but would be interesting .

Back in the day, during the first Nintendo world championship, they did just that. 3 games in one cart with a jumper switch to control which game was active… but that was built onto the board.

I’ve been thinking and thinking but without access to printing a new board for it all, it would be too difficult to make that work with already printed carts… but maybe I’m just thinking too hard

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