Video of How We Made It - a mini custom advertising piece for Hillsdale Pallets


Can you stick a finished photo in your post for those of us with crappy “out in the boonies” Internet? Videos are hard, and I LOVE minis! :slight_smile:


Looks great! Where I work we sometimes get mini pallets like that with a pad of sticky-notes on top.

Agreed on all counts. I have 1Gbps internet but rarely click on videos.

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Looks great!

(If you are going to make a bunch, you could use a nesting feature to get more out of your wood.)


Now you need one of these!



At least they used a completed version for the thumbnail!

I always forget to do that when I’m uploading a video - and generally I’m too lazy to delete and re-upload and once you move on from that screen there’s no option to go back :frowning:

You can edit/upload thumbnails at any time. Studio>Videos>Details.

I just checked on my most popular video that was uploaded 10 years ago last week (over 1,000,000 views! Dang… wish it was still monetized!)

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Ah cool - I can no longer scan through the video to find the screenshot I want, but I can upload an image. That’s helpful! Thanks :slight_smile: