Video on Bending Plexiglas

Hey there everybody I am about to do a Plexiglas light sign with business card holder attached Now I may not build one of these benders do to time constraints for what I’m doing but thought this might be some interesting viewing for those who might be interested in working with Plexiglas anyway here is the link to a video about building a Plexiglas bender.


There have been a number of threads discussing methods of bending acrylic (Plexiglas) you may find helpful. Here’s a quick link:

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For those that dont want to mess around with the electrics, TAP Plastics has flexible heater strips and pre-made heating trays for building bending tables.


Thank you, I see so many things posted in these forums sometimes I don’t see some of the topics but hey thought I it was worth a share when I found it.


Absolutely! There’s a lot out there and posts like your re-energize the discussions. :sunglasses: