Video Tutorial: How to Make a Birdhouse (Cutting Room Floor)

Occasionally I try and create tutorials and give away files on my YT channel. I often make mistakes and scrap the tutorial. I decided to post these mess ups incomplete and unedited instead of letting them sit. There is a free and updated project file in the description if you care to read it and learn from my mistakes. Here is the link:

Here is the birdhouse.


I really like that design.

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Thanks. Download the design and make it your own. Avoid my mistakes when putting it together though.

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Mistakes are the teacher! Your lesson comes through. :sunglasses:


Seems like it was a challenge to make, but it sure looks cool!

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Thanks for sharing! Will make one for my bird loving friend one day.


Very cool looking birdhouse!!! Love it!

Thank you for sharing your file.

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