Video Tutorial - How to make a jig


Hey everyone,

I put together a detailed tutorial on how to make a jig, I hope it helps you out. Took an hour to film it and about an hour and a half to edit and upload it so I hope it helps at least one person:


Looks like I’m person #6 - your ROI is looking pretty good :smiley:


Great video thank you.


Thank you. I found this helpful.


Your efforts are appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks.


thank you for not trying to make it look like snapchat with bitmojis and (shudder) bright yellow/neon pink text superimposed all over the screen.


I’ve never used either in my life so wouldn’t even know where to start but I don’t care for that either. I usually just pick a premade icon for the image from with in the video unless all three are like a solid black image or a really poor shot then I’ll make an icon that is fitting.


I am glad to see that this helped quite a few people, thank you guys for the kind comments.