Video tutorial of the glowforge user interface using a catalogue design and proofgrade


Here is video I did going through the basics of the user interface.

Will there ever be

I’ve seen it and it’s awesome! Listing in the Matrix! :grinning::+1:


Good video. I noticed that the Glowforge provided design loads lickity split. I checked a few other designs that I have and they are loaded pretty fast here. Most of the designs I use are all SVGs.

Very clear screen recording! Nice overdub.


Very thorough walkthrough. Nice job, @tom!


There might be some video trickery going on there as far as load time for some things :wink: we have very slow internet out here and sometimes it takes forever.


Very nice job. It helps fill a big gap in the basic training for the GF–video training. Looking forward to a whole set of these!


Thanks Tom, this answers some questions from my first project.


Tom, thank you sir for taking the time to piece this familiarization tutorial together! Tutorials like this help a GF novice in getting more comfortable with the interface. I’ll be on the lookout for any other videos of yours!