Video Tutorial: Start to finish design in Illustrator

Most of the tutorials I’ve done so far have been about a specific tool or technique, so I thought I should make one that follows the whole thing from empty document to finished product.

(Edit: fixed the green glitches in the video and re-uploaded)


Thank you from your adoring public!

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hi there, I’m missing one part, how do you connect the illustrator to the glow forge to send to print directly??

That doesn’t work for older versions of Illustrator (like mine) but you can copy and paste from the latest subscription versions I think.

It actually doesn’t work with the current version either. Have to save the file and upload it like a farmer.

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Ah! I thought they had that working for some of the Illustrator versions? (Maybe it was just Inkscape at this point.) says “AI 2015”, but unfortunately it is 2018 where I live.

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Pretty sure your post just made me realize I put /2017 on something the other day…


So this will sound weird, but it does work if you start AI first, then open your files. Don’t start AI by double clicking the file.

IF you start AI by itself, then copy/paste will work finest kind (with a few caveats). I do it all the time and I’m on the latest CC version always.

Using the export that you taught me still works best though.

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