Video Tutorials: Signature Art with Your Glowforge (Digitizing and Wall Art)

Like my other videos, these are for beginners like me:

Hopefully someone will find them helpful.


(Edited 03/19/18 to include Part 4)


Thank you.

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Thankyou. Great tutorials.

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Very nice. Added to the Matrix and shifted to Tips and Tricks section.


Thank you. I’m still not able to do it. I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome. I hope they help someone.

Thank you for the compliment.

Thanks for the videos. I will follow your YouTube channel

Thank you. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the video!

Aside from providing more flexibility/control, how does this compare to letting the GF scan the text and engraving from that? Have you tried that as well?

I recall in the demo vids for GF they show taking a drawing and having the GF scan and place the image for laser engraving…

Thanks again!

You are welcome.

Up until now, I had not tried the trace function. It seems to work fine. If you have a nice dark signature that is well represented, I’d use the trace function and not bother with bringing it into Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. However, if you are trying to work from anything other than an optimal signature, you’ll do better to bring it into one of the other programs for the flexibility. I’ll PM you a off-the-cuff video I did for you…first time, just now, going over it in real time.


Video was great! Thank you for taking the time to try the GF feature and putting together the video!

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I love your tutorials, they are so easy to follow. We have used it for pencils and an engraving job.

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Thank you for taking the time to say that. I appreciate it.

Great tutorials, you have inspired me to make some nice gifts for a family reunion this summer! Thanks

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@VIP I just watched your pencil engrave video. The jig was genius! I was wondering at first what you were doing with the cardboard…very cool! Thanks for putting the video together!

@VIP just watched the shadow box video. You had another great tip of adding adhesive to the back of the acrylic before cutting. Great idea!

I’m curious, did you remove the backing from the acrylic before applying the adhesive or did you leave it on? I’m think it might not matter, but thought I’d ask!

Thanks again, great stuff!

Great! Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

Yes, remove the backing off the acrylic first before applying the adhesive sheet. I’m sorry I was not clear on that. Thank you for inquiring.