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Hi, I’m a fairly new Glowforge user. This is more of a computer/files question rather than a Glowforge machine question. I purchased a 700 item design bundle/ SVG file on Etsy. It was a good deal with lots of cool designs. However, now I have 700 individual SVG files that I have no way to preview without clicking and opening every. single. one. of them. Does anyone know if there is a way to get all the SVG’s onto a PDF so I can view them all at once?

What kind of computer are you on? Windows, IOS, Chromebook, something else?

If it’s Windows; PowerToys will allow your svgs to preview in their folders:


It’s Windows! Yes! Thank you I am going to try this! :grinning:


This is good to know. I’ve bookmarked it to check it out. Thanks for the info @deirdrebeth!

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Update: downloaded Windows PowerToys and works perfect! Thank you thank you thank you!


Sweet @mindy_887! I did too, and love it! Thanks again for the link @deirdrebeth!!

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