Viking Amulet / Elevator Door Opener

Vikings learned a long time ago that it’s most hygienic to open the elevator door without using your finger. Enter the Viking Elevator Door Opener. It can also be used as a presentation pointer when attached to a stick. Or a key piece of a Norse Ouija board. Very practical.

For brothers Charlie & Emmit.


Love it!!


Or the end of an arrow if times get dire.


Getting there…

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I see you are from Appleton, I have a friend in Menasha.

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I have many engraves of scales but I like yours better. :heart_eyes:

Nice! I think this is featured in most paintings of the Goddess Freya. Or was it Balder? Can’t remember. Nice design, very practical!

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Wife has a cute cat head with two spike ears like your viking spikes.
Cuteness aside, it is for poking you in the eye or seeing how strong your ribs are when you try to take her keys.
Sadly, in today’s world that is indeed practical (and I will mention to her that it also opens elevators).


It’s kinda fun to adapt a vector file and blow it up into 3D. The stacking layers of the various size shields gives it a bit of weight and depth. I also like to create “registration” points in my designs to keep everything aligned, in this case the layers underneath the boy’s initial is set in with a 1/4" dowel through to the bottom layer.

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Your wife has a cat head? I would love to see the wedding photos.


This cracked me up! Otherwise, a very nice elevator button pusher. I used to have a long pointer stick to do that, but I haven’t been in an elevator for a long time now…