Village Vector

Hey! I want to make this! Where do you find your plans? Anyone seen anything like this? What would I search for? Thanks!!

That is a Crate & Barrel design. (You can currently find them used on EBay.)


Thanks! But I was hoping to find plans or digital files similar to this, so I can cut it myself…

It’s illegal for people to duplicate that for sale, so your best bet is to just work up your own. (There might be something similar out there for free, just search for “Christmas Village” and “SVG”.) :slightly_smiling_face:


Right! I know! I also know that you can PURCHASE plans! :smiley: I have found some on Etsy, but no villages. So I am asking if there are other places to purchase plans - not this EXACT one - just some kind of village. There are tons of villages out there, and a lot of places that sell their plans for others to use.

Ahhh, gotcha! I tend to design my own, but if I were searching I’d definitely hit Thingiverse and Pinterest…great places to start tracking things down.

Another easily adaptable option is “Scroll Saw” work, and there are a lot of freebies out there.

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Good ideas! I have designed all my own stuff so far, but this is a little complicated for me :wink:
I haven’t heard of Thingiverse, excited to check it out. Also, scroll saw - why didn’t I think of that!!!

And coloring books. Scan & cut :slightly_smiling_face:


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