Way back, in the before times, I had told one of my neighbors about the glowforge. Every couple of weeks for two years he asked me if my “machine” had arrived yet. He would laugh every time I told him it was delayed… and then tell me to let him know when it finally came in.

He asked again last week, and when I told him it had arrived, he started handing me stuff to test.
“the guy who used to do my engraving left town. What can you do with this? How about this? Will this fit in the machine? Here, this one is broken, have at it.” He is a gunsmith.

I now know that a 26" rifle barrel will fit in at an angle, and that blued steel will take a mark, but it is very faint. Also that the baseplate under the honeycomb is magnet-receptive: I used two stacks of rectangle magnets to hold the scope in place and at the correct height. Finally, I learned that anodized gun parts have a very thick layer of anodization.


nice when a heckler becomes a customer.
This is why we are nice to people that tease us.

That looks great.


Very interesting, this is just what my grandson has been wanting to know. I’m sure he has a box of stuff just waiting.


Uh-Oh! Can’t let hubs see that! :smile:


Does this mean you had to run the same engrave a few times before pulling it out to get this result? Or was this just one pass with the laser on max power?

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Well Done, and just got yourself a new customer!