Vintage Anatomy tiles and wood dog paw

I love vintage pics of anatomy i guess it has to do with being a critical care nurse for 28 yrs. ! plus my dogs paw etched in wood 20190822_215057|576x500


The brain design engraves really nicely.


yes i love skulls my fav.

The skulls are terrific!

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Really great stuff! We are a kindred spirit and I love old medical etchings and diagrams. I look forward to seeing what else you make. :slight_smile:


Now i know what i will be making next :slight_smile: i have some black tiles that are begging for some old medical images

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That dual layer design is very clever and looks amazing.

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wow love these! especially like the human on acrylic thats awesone! i also love the old pharmacy labels like these

we shall see what to do with these inages


Hydrated oxide of iron sound like a fun time :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice!

I dig it! Reminds me of the pharmacy museum in New Orleans.

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I think Hydrated Oxide of iron used to mess up out clothes when we lived in the city (aka: rusty water?)

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What were your settings for the dog paw print? I am getting my Glowforge in a few weeks and a dog paw project is already in the works - any advice to keep from a lot of trial and error would be greatly appreciated!

i used PG wood so the settings are already programmed its the image thats a PIA cant be too dark gotta lighten it up on GIMP. Hope this helps