Vintage Banner Display

Glowforge to Easel and back to the Glowforge. I used the camera in the Glowforge to take a picture of this 1920’s Indian motor cycle banner. The fish eye lens causes some length issues but test pieces are easy with corrugated carboard . He got a good buy on it at $1,600 has an offer for $2,500 and turned it down.

10-1/2" x 16"



This turned out great!

Wow, that is a cool look and the banner itself was a nice find. It looks to be in great condition.

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Really sharp looking? Is the sign made of leather?

Nice job, a piece of history worth preserving.
There is a great movie based on a true story, “The World’s Fastest Indian” starring Anthony Hopkins. The tale of a man who still holds the world land speed record for his class.


What a beautiful way to protect and display the banner.


Make that “sir” Anthony Hopkins. :wink:
That was a great movie.


My best friend’s dad has been getting really into his university’s pennants and memorabilia, including buying and selling and adding to his personal collection. Something like this would be an awesome gift to him, I’ll have to get with my friend and see what we can do. Awesome work, thanks for the share!


It is fabric, he brought me a 1940’s full length Chevrolet shop coat about 6 weeks ago, did the same thing to it as well just no GF on that one. The GF makes this easy to do I did a Pharmacy advertisement for him as well, I love the way it cuts acrylic.


Nice. You do good work.

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Really compliments the banner. Very cool.

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Thank you!