Vintage Hawaiian Quilt Series


I have never been so artistically inspired by a tool !!

I am busy making Christmas, and all of my presents are doubling as prototypes for my Etsy store!

Here is a sneak peak of one of the 24 designs from the ‘Traditional Hawaiian Quilt Series’ that I am launching for my brand ‘Aloha Mon Ami’ which blends design sensibilities from Traditional Hawaiian & Modern French aesthetics.

This one combines “Proofgrade Orange Acrylic” and "Proofgrade Poplar Hardwood"with a PG Draftboard back and hanger.
Big Ups to @jbmanning5 for providing the SVG for the hangers - I love how they make the art look like it is floating off the wall.


Very pretty! I love how you’re switching the cutouts! :grinning:


Those look great and I’m happy to see the standoffs are of use to some folks! Really like your mark on the back as well.


While I designed some before you did, I have gone to using yours most of the time because I can cut a few sets out of some scrap all along. It is a great design and I thank you for it.


One man’s scrap is another man’s treasure.



Is super cool that you use the cut off from one to make a second. Zero waste!

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Wow, very cool! They will be great in lots of colors.

Those look super - I love the designs!

Dat’s da winnah! Eh brah, you da kine? where u stay? haha. I’m in Makiki…

Great stuff!


Eh Brah !!! Local boy thank you so much for your aloha!! I am an island boy that had the misfortune to be born in the hills of Arkansas! My Nana LOVED the Islands and she passed that to me in song and culture at a young age - mostly mainstream - but it was my start. Now I go anytime there is enough money - ha! My wife has been dancing in our local halau here in LA for 8 years & is a alaka’i, I dance little bit but mostly chant for Kahiko and play ukulele/sing for Auana. We go mostly Big Island for Ah Hula or Merry Monarch - but our Kumu is from Oahu and her mom is there, so sometime we see auntie there.
Honestly I love Oahu the most because you can get the music and nightlife of the city but quickly go local and man you can’t beat North Shore!! Chee -ya!!
Sometimes I get to go to Maui cause my big bro’s best friend lives near Lahaina Town and sometimes has seasonal work at Steel Guitar Festival in July.

I will share more pics soon - I am so pleased with the result - I have been dreaming of this for the last 3 years!!


I love everything about this haha I didn’t think there was anybody else on the island with a glowforge! I’m on the north shore in Hauula, but I’m a transplant can’t claim that aina! :call_me_hand:t5:

@tennessee_reid Great stuff, man. Love hearing a little about your story, too. This company brings all sorts of people together and it’s cool that you’re mixing cultures to get some great art!

Wow! Great Stuff! Thanks for sharing!
I’m actually going to the Big Island tomorrow for a marathon that starts at the Volcano and ends in Hilo. Fun fun!

@raymondking32 how long you had yours? I just got mine 10 days ago or so.

I got mine at the end of September…I think. I preordered pretty quickly, so I was pretty pumped when I got my email for it

Here are a few selects from the first production run. Learned a lot (like how easy things are when I can use Proofgrade :wink: ) Anyhow thought I whould share these shots - tonigh the wife and I will look at which ones become Christmas presents - the remaining will go up on

Hybiscus Spear ROw-PaIpu Oa-BWw

I will be doing another run with new combos of materials starting tomorrow - plus I have a new ukulele design that I will introduce that will become a Christmas present.

Yeah basically EVERYONE is getting a laser cut gift this year!! Which reminds me I got some 1/16th acrylic and wood with my founders Inventables credit… Hummm… thinking I will try a couple of these designs in miniature to become earrings for the wife… No Sleep for Santa !!


The darkened edges on the yellow make it extra scrumptious!