Vintage sign replica

I worked at the University of Wisconsin Lifesaving Station on Lake Mendota in Madison for 25 summers driving a rescue boat. There was a vintage sign hanging in the boathouse from the early 1900’s, pre-radio days. I redrew this the best I could today in Illustrator and engraved the recreation on a piece of Owyn’s walnut. Fonts are not perfect to the original, but as close as I could get them. This one will go in my personal collection, but I’ll make a few more for the guys who worked there for 40+ years. Just think, before cell phones, and radios, people used horns to communicate. :slight_smile:


The original


For a half second I read “Chaos may leave the boat house…”



Came out perfect!


I like it! :grinning:


It’s a tough job recreating something that was hand lettered without drawing every letter and their individual quirks. Considering you’ve used modern uniform type, it’s a lovely sign and I’m sure the recipients will be very grateful, I know I would.

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I did move and edit every single letter to shadow the original, so it’s not quite uniform, even though I used a few fonts to try and replicate the look and feel. I had to edit a few of the letters to look more like the original, but could have spent hours on that alone. I kept the spelling errors and grammatical nuances the same. Now, if I could just get snapmarks or the unicorn pass through software update, I could make a bigger one!


Wow! Really excellent replica! Nice memory preservation.

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I feel your pain. Even after creating my own font for the makers mark plate I made, I still had to manually kern a lot of the glyphs.

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