Vinyl Ease Paper Transfer tape

Im trying to find out some good masking tapes to use, Ive found quite a few and ordered Vinyl Ease Paper Transfer Tape. On the site it says good for laser so i ordered it,when i opened it ,it says not for use with laser cutters! I paid almost $50 for this!!

I bet they mean the vinyl. If it’s really paper tape and you put it on laser safe materials like hardwoods and such it will be fine.

I’d try to ask the manufacturer to be sure, but if not, return it and follow the trail here in #2:


I highly recommend this stuff:

Transfer Tape for Vinyl, 12 inch x 100 feet, Paper with Layflat Adhesive. American-Made Application Tape for Craft Cutters and Sign Makers

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From where and how much per 100 feet?

I got it on for $34.16 cdn

What exactly does it say? Can you post a picture of the sheet?

It looks the same as what I use, just a different manufacturer (think mine was Oracil or something). That disclaimer about heat producing machines not compatible may just be the lawyers stepping up because of glue reactions.
Some variable engraving parameters (as in pictures) will not totally remove masking if it is left on during that segment and it can leave a gooey residue. All the clear masking also seems to melt (so I remove the clear and put on this medium tack), but yours looks like the standard opaque stuff.
To eliminate the complaints, they just point to the disclaimer?
No idea, but is plausible.

FWIW, I’ve used Vinyl Ease for 3 yrs and haven’t had any issues and my machine is none the worse for it. I don’t know for a fact, but I tend to believe the laser warning is a CYA thing for them. Of course, YMMV.


I’ve used Vinyl Ease and it works really well. I recently bought 300 feet of it. It is cheaper to buy 300 feet vs 100 feet.

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So, like 62 cents USD, right? :wink:


Haha, yes something like that. I think the conversion factor is 1 wheelbarrow of CDN $'s equals $1 USD.


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