Vinyl sticky sheet alternatve that is safe to cut

I want to cut out lettering and shapes in sticky backed, colored plastic sheets on my Glowforge, but I understand most materials, like PVC, are toxic and harmful to the machine. Is there a safe material I can use?

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There are some very thin acrylics that you can use. They don’t come with adhesive applied, but you can use double sided 3M tape applied to the acrylic before cutting. Also, some Siser Easy Weed is laser safe. There are also laser safe label sheets, but I haven’t seen them in colors. You might take a look at 1/16 acrylic and Lucent at Johnson Plastics Plus.


Polyester is safe and folks have had good luck with the sticky back labels.

If they don’t come in the colour you need you could run them through a printer - or buy the 3M sticky sheets they use on veneer and stick that to plastic that is in the right colour.


Thank you! I will look into these options.

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You could also cut the from whatever you want and run them through a xyron machine. i have one, you just turn the handle and it puts adhesive on the back of whatever you run through. then, you just peel it off and you’re done!

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