Virginia Renaissance Festival



Absolutely agree, and everyone should be free to do as they like, especially when they aren’t hurting anyone…

I guess I sometimes just get too sticky with “Wait a minute, the title says this, but you are that…why are you that, when the title says this?”

Lol, I am weird for even caring, I know…

LOL!! That’s awesome…did he finally believe you?

Shes currently in Japan but if she gets back while its still on…I will most definitly tell her!

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Yeah, eventually. You’d think the medical license, MD plates on the car and my business card would be sufficient…



I didn’t have my GF back when you posted this but I’d also love to meet other owners. I will have to keep a look out for your next performance.

We are applying to do the entire run of the Virginia Renaissance Festival this year. So the dates should be the second weekend of May through the first or second weekend in June (5 weeks total). It would be great to see other owners! Feel free to stop me anytime I’m not on stage and I’ll try to have some tokens done on the laser to hand out :smiley:

We are also planning on having laser made pins that the band will be selling as merchandise this year. SO very happy to add value to my band with my Laser!


Great! Can’t wait. I haven’t attended RennFest in years, so I will look forward to it.

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Modern pirate music…

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Oh dang I saw the post above yours about the next 5 weeks and I got all excited cuz I was going to Maryland in the next 5 weeks. And then I remembered it’s not till May…lol

If you want to hear stuff from our last CD, you can check us out here:

We are currently working on our fourth CD, and will have a kickstarter going up within the next month or so. Keep an eye out for it!

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SCA Haha…yes, I was Queen of Meridies back in the day